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Great Northern Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer

INSTRUCTIONS: Please complete all questions in entirety to be considered for employment. DO NOT STATE “See Resume.” Include any supplemental information which you feel should be taken into consideration concerning your qualifications for employment with Great Northern Corporation. FALSE, MISLEADING, OR INCOMPLETE INFORMATION WILL BE GROUNDS FOR REJECTION FOR EMPLOYMENT OR DISMISSAL IF EMPLOYED. This Application does not constitute a contract for employment.

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Application - Racine
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Employment Objective

Criminal Background

When comleting this section do not disclose information regarding convictions that have been judicially sealed, expunged, eradicated, impounded, or dismissed. Do not disclose information regarding juvenile court convictions or minor traffic violations. A conviction record does not automatically bar you from employment with Great Northern Corporation. All of the job - related circumstances surrounding convictions will be considered.

Employment History

Instructions : List ALL employment since high school graduation beginning with your present or most recent position.

Zip Code


Comment below on any items you consider relevant to your qualifications for the position(s) applied for including: details of special work experience, skills, or qualifications, offices held, professional affiliations, community service, honors, awards, publications, and so forth.


Secondary Education

U.S. Military Service



Employees of Great Northern Corporation may have access to information about customers, inventions, discoveries, improvements or other proprietary knowledge. The company may require employees to sign confidentiality agreements, invention declarations, assignment of intellectual property, non-competition agreements or any
other agreement that protects the company’s proprietary interests.



Certification and Authorization


I certify that the information furnished in this application and any supporting document is true and complete without omissions of any kind. I understand that any misrepresentation or omission may cause me not to be hired, and if employed, be cause for immediate termination. I agree that the Company shall not be held liable in any respect if I am not hired or if my employment is terminated because of false statements, answers or omissions made by me in this application.

I authorize my previous employers, schools, credit reporting agencies, law enforcement agencies, and other persons named above to give any information they may have regarding me to GNC. It is my understanding that GNC will make a thorough investigation of my background (including but not limited to employment and education verifications, social media and other public records) and may verify all data given in my application for employment, related papers or oral interviews. I authorize such investigation by GNC and the giving and receiving of any such information to GNC. I understand that falsification of data so given or other derogatory information discovered as a result of this investigation may prevent my being hired, or if hired, may subject me to immediate dismissal. I hereby forever release, discharge and covenant not to sue any person or organization for any result of providing, obtaining or acting upon such information. I understand that such information is sought with confidentiality by GNC and I agree not to request copies of such information. In addition, a copy of this authorization is as valid as the original and should be recognized as such.

I understand that any offer of employment or continued employment, if hired, may be conditioned upon passing a physical examination, including a drug screening, the results of which may be grounds for disqualifying me from or terminating my employment. Refusal to participate in a drug screening will result in non-compliance of the post-offer employment process and withdrawal of the offer of employment. Compliance with the Company’s Alcohol/Drug Free Workplace Policy is a condition of continued employment.

I also understand that employment at the Company is on an “at-will” basis and employment is not guaranteed for any term, and may be terminated by the Company or myself for any reason, at any time, with or without notice, so long as there is no violation of applicable law or labor contract. I understand that this application is not and is not intended to be a contract of employment.

If requested by the management at any time, I agree to submit to search of my person or of any locker, desk, or other storage/work area that may be assigned to me, and I hereby waive any and all claims and release the Company from any and all damages or liability on account of such examination. I authorize any physician or hospital to release any information which may be necessary to determine my ability to perform the duties of a job I am being considered for prior to employment or in the future during my employment with GNC.

I understand that business needs may at all times make the following conditions mandatory: overtime, shift work, a rotating work schedule, or a work schedule other than Monday through Friday. I understand and accept these as conditions of my continuing employment.

I agree, if employed, to abide by all Company rules and regulations.

I have read and understand the above.

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