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Unlimited Packaging Solutions

No matter the size, shape, or fragility of the objects you need to ship, store, and protect, Great Northern has a custom packaging solution to meet your needs. Our solutions range from custom interior packaging to block and brace, stabilize and protect, as well as exterior packaging such as custom pallets, crates and edge protection.


Edge Protection

Edge protection products are available in molded pulp, EPS and honeycomb. We also manufacture an extensive line of VBoard products, a family of laminated paperboard edge protectors. In addition to the edge protection, these products offer load containment, stabilization, stacking strength and internal reinforcement.



Crating offers durable exterior packaging protection and is typically used to protect irregularly shaped products when stacking and shipping. Available in custom wood, metal and corrugated combinations.


Corner Protection

Corners are a smart, cost effective choice for protecting a variety of products during shipping. Corner and end caps are available in stock sizes in molded pulp and expanded polystyrene (EPS), and can be custom-made using many types of materials.



Trays are an effective, economical way to provide top-to-bottom product protection while unitizing multiple products and preventing load shifting. Available in custom thermoform plastics, molded pulp and EPS.


Interior Packaging

To ensure that your products are effectively cushioned and stabilized during transit and storage, choose from our custom designed interior packaging options. Custom-molded, die-cut and fabricated foam or fiber solutions, specifically tailored to your product, offer ease of loading and superior protection.



Build protection around your product with dunnage, an economical way to provide additional cushioning and internal reinforcement. Void fill, blocking and bracing products can be made from a variety of different materials.



For safe, secure material handling with space-saving benefits, we offer a wide range of pallet options. Available in wood, honeycomb, corrugated, plastic and various material combinations.


Biodegradable Foam

Great Northern Corporation, in partnership with KTM Industries, Inc., offers an environmentally safe alternative to synthetic foam packaging. Green Cell Foam packaging is a biodegradable foam packaging solution that provides effective protection while meeting standards for biodegradability set by ASTM and ISO.

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