Angela Zabel

In her 17 plus years of working at Great Northern Laminations, Angela Zabel has held pretty much every job on the plant floor, and she liked the variety. But then she realized she wanted an even bigger challenge and moved into an account coordinator role in the office. “Great Northern is invested with the people here,” she explains. “You can start. You can work your way up. They made the opportunity for me to transition to new jobs and roles within the company. They are giving me the opportunity to learn new skills and, in turn, they’re getting someone with more skills; building on what you learned in the past. We both benefit.”

Zabel also likes the fact the company regularly shares the big picture with employees; and encourages them to get involved in company committees. “It’s a stable firm that treats employees well. It’s a good place to work. People are good. The company listens and they treat you fairly. Wages and benefits are good. One of the things you quickly realize here is that if you work hard, they will recognize your hard work.”

If there’s one word Zabel would use to describe Great Northern, she says it would be, “Integrity. They stand behind what they say.”

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