Sustainable Packaging - Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Since day one, Great Northern Corporation has been an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of sustainable packaging. Our approach to sustainability focuses on designing every component of a product package or retail display in an environmentally responsible matter-from the types and amount of materials used, to the processes employed in production, to the methods of transport and delivery.

For us, sustainability is two-fold:

  • Act in a responsible manner to reduce our own carbon footprint.
  • Provide our customers with solutions to meet their sustainability goals.

We have an internal focus centered on process improvement, with a commitment to invest in equipment and practices that reduce the amount of energy, natural resources and waste required to operate our businesses.

For those who do business with us, we have a customer focus. We will design and engineer products that utilize less material, are produced with more eco-friendly processes and ultimately reduce the impact our packaging has on the environment.

The results of this effort will deliver to our customers packaging and display solutions that have equal or better performance in the supply chain, improved outcomes on sustainability scorecards and have the potential for cost reduction.

Check out the video below from the Fibre Box Association (FBA): Corrugated Packages – Safely delivering goods to customers worldwide.

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