Emerging Stronger – Helping Gatorade keep Athletes Hydrated, Safely

Gatorade Carts - manufactured by Great Northern

Gatorade has partnered with our Chicago team during this pandemic on solutions to help keep athletes hydrated without using community coolers.  Initially designed for outdoor sports, these bottle trees allow an athlete to grab their individual Gatorade bottle(s) when needing replenishment, so there’s no cross-contamination.

The Great Northern Chicago team kept the bright orange Gatorade brand color, boldly labeled the units, and added heavy-duty wheels for portability along the sidelines, court, and even out to the huddle during timeouts.  The heavy-duty metal frame and injection molded buckets are designed and built to withstand the rigorous environment.

These bottle trees have already been spotted courtside at NBA games and will be ready to roll out for the NFL season at practices and games.  Keep an eye out for these units as you enjoy sports this summer and fall.


Gatorade Display Sketches

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