Jamie Sanchez

As a Design Assistant, Jamie Sanchez is in charge of producing all design samples and shipping them to current and potential customers. She also helps create new designs and doesn’t mind a challenge when doing so. “Creating new cartons, especially ones where there is something unusual or difficult that the carton needs to do is my favorite part of my job,” Jamie says. “I love the challenge of having to find creative and practical solutions to problems.”

Since joining Great Northern six years ago, Jamie has held several different roles within the company. “I started as a take-off on the folder gluers, then moved to the laminator as take-off, as well as the press,” said Jamie. “I then moved up to roll tender where I stayed for about four years and then I again got the chance to pursue a new adventure by joining the design department as a design assistant.”

Jamie says that her hard work has always been appreciated and rewarded. “I have always felt a great level of loyalty and respect from my co-workers and bosses,” she said. “My supervisor has shown this as well by being flexible with my work and home life, which is huge when you are trying to make time for work, school, homework and spending time with family. I don’t just have a job here, I have a second family that relies on me to be successful, but cares about me as a person as well.”

Great Expectations

Great Expectations is more than a tagline, it is an attitude. At Great Northern, customer challenges are met by an undying spirit to doing what others can’t or won’t. It’s in our DNA. And it is what our customers have come to expect with Great Northern.

How can we exceed your expectations?